Microblog Content Reveals Tweet Likes & Dislikes!

I happened across an article this week written by cheap nba jerseys Paul Andre’ of Carnegie Mellon, Michale Bernstein of MIT and Kurt Luther of Georgia Tech about their research regarding human Parkscheibe behaviors and so called salade ‘microblog’ content. They examined the results of a website that targeted over 43,000 volunteers who rated the content of tweets. The findings demonstrated a large tolerance to content but showed a significant dislike of me-oriented and presence tweets as well as tweets that lack context and have too many @’s and #’s in the body of the tweet. In general, tweets with valuable or useful information were the most popular and boring tweets were the least popular. Depressing, arrogant você or mean a tweets were also disliked but not anywhere near the dislike for boring tweets. Likewise funny, useful and exciting tweets were popular but not nearly as much as those containing valuable information.

This appears to be the first study of its kind regarding content preferences among microblog users. Although additional follow-up studies should be made to confirm it, the message seems clear. To get followers on Twitter, provide informative content that is not boring! Of note is the fact wholesale jerseys that cheap nfl jerseys although funny tweets were preferred over boring, neuen depressing tweets, they were only half as popular as informative tweets!

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