Social Media Value?

Yesterday I spoke with a business associate whom I have known for several years. I ask her if she had considered using social media marketing to engage her customers. She revealed that she had tried to do that, but it really didn’t work for her. She is just using postcards and in person appointments for business.

Exploring her lack of enthusiasm further, I decided to investigate what posts she had made in social media and blog. First of all, I found that she does not have a blog at all and her website is in severe need of redesigning. Additionally, she has added a group with the name of her business, but not any business page with information about her brand value promise. Furthermore, there was no attempt to interact with the social communities and provide feedback or valuable information.

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for today’s small business owner, however it requires effort and knowledge to properly implement a successful strategy for your target niche.  We can help you with the strategy and execution of a successful social marketing campaign that will boost sales, enhance your brand and serve your customers.  Give us a call today, and marketing the easy way, ONLINE!

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