Case Study- Doritart

Doritart comes from the nationally known illustrator and animator Dorit Rabinovitch. After years of working for high profile, advertizing giants such as JCPenney, BBDO WW and Dieste, Dorit created a portrait icon called The Immortal by blending portraiture and caricature into a higher level of creativity. Since The Immortal has become such a hit, Doritart was in need of a high-tech website that showcased all of her artistic creations.

The online marketing company Custom Websites to Go
was able to take on the challenge of turning the Doritart website into a masterpiece of its own. Not only does the website showcase a portfolio with clear, crisp pictures of Dorit’s work, it also features past clients’ testimonials as well as an about and contact page. Custom Websites to Go has made it easy for potential clients to really get a vivid depiction and clear explanation of the different work Doritart has to offer.


  • Branding
  • Template Customization
  • Image Editing
  • CMS Website

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