Search-Optimization Tips

SEO ProcessOrganic optimization of your website or SEO, is an iterative process. Businesses need to have a process in place for continuously monitoring the results and adjusting their strategies. Search engines alter their algorithms on an ongoing basis. We can’t always know the exact combinations being used, but some things we definitely know.

  • They are interested in good relevant content for their users.
  • They want to make it easy for users to locate the information they are seeking.
  • They also want to make money!

Those few clues provide a wealth of information regarding the processes we use in helping our clients dominate their search categories. Long-tailed key phrases are used to direct traffic that is specific to the client’s business. This makes for more qualified leads coming from the web for their services. We also help our clients to locate worthwhile bulletin boards or websites that can provide relevant inbound links to their website. These are just two of the techniques used in addition to on-page optimization that are provided.

We need a 6 month commitment from our clients as the process takes about that length of time to start seeing results. A successful optimization strategy does not stop there. The process needs to continue in order to sustain ranking. I tell clients to think of it as a marathon, not a sprint and to develop an ongoing process of evaluating and adjusting their strategies.
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