Using Social Flow to Measure Engagement

The diagram above illustrates one of the nice ways Google Analytics can be used to view the Value of traffic from a Social Media Campaign.  This graphic shows the different Social Sources and the behavior of users when they visit your website.  Each section shows the path a user took through your website when they left and how many pages they visited and in what order they visited them.  This information can be used in a number of ways to improve your potential client’s user experience with your brand.

First of all, the traffic comparison of your different social media accounts will show you Which Platforms are feeding you the Most Traffic.  This is useful for adjusting your campaigns to the areas where you have the largest audience.  Secondly, it shows where the user exited your website.  If several people exit on the same page, then you may need to look at rebuilding that page or doing an A/B comparison of a different version of that page to see if users stay on longer.

Additionally, the page path can tell you something about your user’s objective for coming to your website.  Which information is most valuable to them will probably be viewed First or Second in the flow.  The number of pages visited tells you something about customer engagement.  The more pages, the more engaged the user is with your brand.  A large number of exists after the first page tells you something about the Landing Page not matching the Advertisement.  In this case, you should experiment with new Landing Pages to find one that will perform better.

Your Landing Page can also be the Conversion Page.  If the objective of the Ad is to get the user to Make a Purchase or Ask for a Quote the instructions should be clear and easy!  It’s also very important to search engines especially Google, that the Landing Page match the Advertisement.  In fact, Google may refuse to post your ad if the Landing Page is drastically different than the Advertisement!

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