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August 22, 2020
  • How to Select Your Website’s Color Palette


    Why would you think this is an important topic?  Does color really matter?
    ●        Believe it or not, colors elicit subliminal feelings or moods.
    ●        No matter what industry you are creating a website for, the feeling you want to create matters significantly for your brand.
    ●        You need to familiarize yourself with the variety among different business categories and know where to look for further reference in selecting your website’s colors.
    What is Color Palette, and Why Does it Matter?
    A color palate is a grouping of colors that blend together and denote the primary, secondary, tertiary and accent colors in a website or brand style. 
    Below is an example of a color palette named Watermelon and Stripes found on Canva.com. Lime-Green07.d2d334c1watermelon


    “62-90% of consumers’ initial impression is based on color choices alone… which means that finding the right color scheme for your site isn’t just an aesthetic decision – it’s a business one. 🎨✨” Matteo Duo @matteoduo

    Clearly, color is a very important decision!

    How to Choose Your Company’s Colors

    There are many rules that govern the selection of the colors including the primary and secondary colors not having hues that are adjacent on the color wheel.
    For Instance Red-Orange and Orange should not  be primary and secondary colors while Red-Orange and Blue-Purple can be primary and secondary colors.
    Like all good rules, they are made to be broken, bent or exploited for effect by bold designers.

    Different companies choose different colors based on the type of company.  Why would that be?  Because they are communicating with their audience on an emotional, subconscious level.  What emotion do you want your brand to elicit from your potential customers?
    The color Blue has been used to represent Trustworthiness but also conveys Tranquility and peace!  The tranquility of the ocean waves lapping against the shore on a bright sunny day.  The trust one finds at a prominent bank or financial institution!  The color Red conveys Attention and Passion.  This primary color has been used effectively in the Real estate, Apparel and Automobile industriesEveryone loves a red car or that beautiful red dress!
    The color Green conveys Natural Vitality and Well-Being.  This primary color is common in Food & beverage,  landscaping or wellness vertical.  Green the color of mother earth and all that grows!
    Black usually conveys Confidence and Sophistication.  This color is common in High-end Apparel & Accessories, Travel and Hotels.
    Once the primary colors have been selected the secondary colors can be selected based on the rules mentioned above about avoiding colors adjacent on the color wheel.  Putting all the colors together for different industries will look similar to the sample below.  Each slice of this wheel represents an emotional picture of a particular industry and its intended impression on potential customers.

    In Closing

    Website colors are not chosen randomly but rather to communicate with the viewer on a subliminal level regarding the brand’s value proposition.  They are designed to convey a message to the audience on a subconscious level and should be chosen with great thought regarding the brand positioning.

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    Portions of the post are based on excerpts from blog post by Matteo Duo with Kinesta written 8/7/2020