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  • Social Media and a National Election

    USACan social media really influence action? You may have asked yourself that at one time or another. Using social media is really convenient for connecting with friends and colleagues, but does it really influence people’s actions? A recent flip-flop of two members of the Electoral College in Texas away from the Republican nominee explain that some of his tweets showed he was not really trying to unite the country! The question is, if other members of the Electoral College follow suit and he fails to get the number of votes necessary to win the election, then the presidential race could be forced into a runoff situation.
    Generally, I tell my clients to avoid talking about politics or religion on social media because these two are highly charged, emotional topics that can serve to alienate half of your audience. The candidate of the winning Republican Party has yet a higher charge than that! Anything he says must be carefully weighed to prevent offending others, a challenge Mr. Trump will need to master going forward in his presidency. Once in office, I am sure his public relations staff will instruct him in such matters and perhaps handle the majority of his tweets for him. It will be interesting to watch this issue unfold on the national stage!

  • Search-Optimization Tips

    SEO ProcessOrganic optimization of your website or SEO, is an iterative process. Businesses need to have a process in place for continuously monitoring the results and adjusting their strategies. Search engines alter their algorithms on an ongoing basis. We can’t always know the exact combinations being used, but some things we definitely know.

    • They are interested in good relevant content for their users.
    • They want to make it easy for users to locate the information they are seeking.
    • They also want to make money!

    Those few clues provide a wealth of information regarding the processes we use in helping our clients dominate their search categories. Long-tailed key phrases are used to direct traffic that is specific to the client’s business. This makes for more qualified leads coming from the web for their services. We also help our clients to locate worthwhile bulletin boards or websites that can provide relevant inbound links to their website. These are just two of the techniques used in addition to on-page optimization that are provided.

    We need a 6 month commitment from our clients as the process takes about that length of time to start seeing results. A successful optimization strategy does not stop there. The process needs to continue in order to sustain ranking. I tell clients to think of it as a marathon, not a sprint and to develop an ongoing process of evaluating and adjusting their strategies.
    For more information on optimizing your business website, call us or drop us a line!

  • Case Study – William Webb Furniture

    William Webb Furniture is a long-standing virtual furniture broker in the DFW area.  Although he is well known in the two chambers in the area, his digital footprint was almost non-existent when we were hired to handle a small social media marketing campaign for him.

    Our Detailed Analysis on search and social media led us to a Facebook and Instagram campaign.  The client was instructed how to increase the exposure of our campaign by recruiting his fans to follow and share our efforts.  He was also encouraged to post and share message that resonated with him in order gain likeability among potential customers.


    Social Media Marketing Plan

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  • What are Micro-Moments?

    Today’s consumer has shifted their buying behavior drastically in the last five years.  The proliferation of Smart phones has caused buyers to depend on the information on their smart phone during the purchasing cycle.  We have been aware for quite some time that consumers are evaluating businesses on the internet before beginning any conversation with a sales person; however cell phones are now shifting a buyer’s online focus to the point of sale.

    The result of that behavior is leading to a new type of advertising on mobile phones involving small sound bites of information designed to sway buyers during their purchase.  This type of advertising has been termed ‘micro-moments’.  The focus is on the buyer’s current needs and wants in the moment, and seeks to provide information to the buyer that will persuade them to buy!

    It is no secret that buyers generally buy based on emotions rather than logic.  They want the item so they will rationalize the purchase as being required, highly valued and improving their situation.  Currently buyers will search on their mobile phones while in the store to gain additional information about the product.  The information found there can potentially sway them to purchase a higher priced item over one they would normally not buy!

    Online testimonials are another way of influencing a consumer during a purchase.   Social media is particularly influential here as buyers frequently ask their friend’s recommendations before making a purchase.  If their friends are buying this brand, it must be worth the extra cost!

    Today’s consumers also have a tendency to start a sale purchase on one device and continue it later on another one.  Consumers expect that experience to be seamless as well, in other words they expect to be able to accomplish a purchase on any device without difficulty.  Consumer expectations are driving marketing trends to cater to the user’ every whim.  The brands that ignore those trends will suffer in a loss of market share.  As more emerging trends in technology become available, brands must adapt their marketing processes to include new trends in order to beat out their competition.

  • Case Study- Soda Emporium


    Soda Emporium is a one-of-a-kind business that offers soda lovers a chance to buy hard to find sodas and beverages around the US and the world. This very unique company can help you reconnect with your favorite beverages from back in the day or explore new beverages to enjoy with friends.

    In order to showcase the best sodas they have to offer, Soda Emporium teamed up with the online marketing company Custom Websites to Go to build and maintain their Facebook page. Custom Websites to Go has taken Soda Emporium to the next level as they constantly post status updates about different drinks around the world, and share pictures that provide visitors with a vivid image of the drinks of their past as well as the drinks they can enjoy in the future. With Custom Websites to Go running their Facebook page, the number of likes have gone up to 497, and continue to grow every day.


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  • Case Study- JT Properties

    JT Properties of Argyle, Texas and surrounding areas is the one-stop source for real estate services in the Argyle, Bartonville and South Lake areas. In order to showcase the best offerings, JT Properties teamed up with the online marketing company Custom Websites to Go to build them a Facebook page.

    Custom Websites to Go posted updates to their Facebook daily, providing links to important articles that can benefit those wanting to buy a home. With the constant posting of valuable information, Custom Websites to Go has been able to greatly increase the number of likes on the JT Properties Facebook page.


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  • Case Study- MGS Roofing

    MGS Roofing is a full service roofing company dedicated to resolving roofing issues quickly, efficiently, and with the utmost attention to detail. Located in Duncanville, TX, MGS Roofing offers the best roof for your money as the staff is trained and committed to delivering superior service, protection and value.

    In order to showcase all their offerings, MGS Roofing teamed up with the online marketing company Custom Websites to Go to give their website a much-needed makeover. Custom Websites to Go was able to enhance the website by keeping it constantly updated with each service MGS Roofing offered. With easy access to quick links such as services, about and roofing terms, it is now extremely simple for visitors to locate all the information they need in a quick and efficient manner. Now, wherever you go on the website, you will be able to learn more about MGS Roofing with a simple click of the mouse.


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  • Case Study- Doritart

    Doritart comes from the nationally known illustrator and animator Dorit Rabinovitch. After years of working for high profile, advertizing giants such as JCPenney, BBDO WW and Dieste, Dorit created a portrait icon called The Immortal by blending portraiture and caricature into a higher level of creativity. Since The Immortal has become such a hit, Doritart was in need of a high-tech website that showcased all of her artistic creations.

    The online marketing company Custom Websites to Go
    was able to take on the challenge of turning the Doritart website into a masterpiece of its own. Not only does the website showcase a portfolio with clear, crisp pictures of Dorit’s work, it also features past clients’ testimonials as well as an about and contact page. Custom Websites to Go has made it easy for potential clients to really get a vivid depiction and clear explanation of the different work Doritart has to offer.


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  • Case Study- Encore Memory Care Day Center

    Encore DaystayEncore Memory Care Day Center is a day care center where adults living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia can enjoy a full day of fun activities that are both physically and mentally stimulating. The mission of the center is to ensure a better quality of life for guests and their families by providing dependable and affordable care.

    Encore Daystay teamed up with the online marketing company Custom Websites to Go, to create an online website that could live up to this mission and show visitors just how special and beneficial the Encore Memory Care Day Center can be to those living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

    Custom Websites to Go was able to give Encore Daystay an online presence
    that really showcased all they do through the use of a nice range of pictures and well crafted explanations of the different services offered. Several tools such as a home page, about page, and contact page make accessing information extremely easy for all visitors wanting to learn more about this very special center that focuses on helping others.


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