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Insider tips for leveraging social media to advertise your business and increase your customer base.

  • Facebook Pixel

    facebookMarketers who are placing Facebook Ads for their business should take advantage of the remarketing capabilities of Facebook Pixel.   Simply put, when a user places the Facebook Pixel on their website’s landing page, they can capture information about the users that clicked on their ad and didn’t buy!  This information can help to further define your audience and improve future ads.

    Additionally, the price of the item you are selling can also be captured by the pixel to help determine the ROI of the advertisement.  For more tips and tricks regarding social media advertising, subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Measuring ROI of Social Media Campaigns

    ROI from Social CampaignsThere seems to be quite a bit of confusion regarding how to Measure a Social Media Marketing Campaign.  Your boss may even have asked you what the ROI was for the money spent.  Unlike Google Adwords which are targeted to potential customers when they are ready to buy a product like you have to offer, Social Media Campaigns cannot be evaluated directly by immediate sells or leads.  However, that does not mean that they fail to be a factor in gaining new clients and ultimately growing your business.

    In fact, social media has become a critical factor that Google uses to rank your website for Quality Score and User Experience which both affect your search results.  Starting back in 2012 with the Penguin Algorithm updates, inbound links took less of a role in search ranking and was replaced by social media footprint.  That really aligns with the intent of social media which is interacting with your audience by giving them useful information regarding their businesses.  This information serves to promote the reputation of your company at the same time.

    Better metrics for a Social Media Campaign might be Engagement, Number of Shares and Increased Followers of your Facebook Business Page.  In today’s fast-paced instant messaging life, a potential client’s time is the best gift of all.  So if you continuously provide content of value to a business owner and they begin to follow what you are saying, the conversation eventually pulls them into your leads funnel when they or someone they know have a need for one of the services you provide.  That is truly how social media can work for your business to eventually drive traffic to your websites and increase your bottom-line!

  • Using Social Flow to Measure Engagement

    The diagram above illustrates one of the nice ways Google Analytics can be used to view the Value of traffic from a Social Media Campaign.  This graphic shows the different Social Sources and the behavior of users when they visit your website.  Each section shows the path a user took through your website when they left and how many pages they visited and in what order they visited them.  This information can be used in a number of ways to improve your potential client’s user experience with your brand.

    First of all, the traffic comparison of your different social media accounts will show you Which Platforms are feeding you the Most Traffic.  This is useful for adjusting your campaigns to the areas where you have the largest audience.  Secondly, it shows where the user exited your website.  If several people exit on the same page, then you may need to look at rebuilding that page or doing an A/B comparison of a different version of that page to see if users stay on longer.

    Additionally, the page path can tell you something about your user’s objective for coming to your website.  Which information is most valuable to them will probably be viewed First or Second in the flow.  The number of pages visited tells you something about customer engagement.  The more pages, the more engaged the user is with your brand.  A large number of exists after the first page tells you something about the Landing Page not matching the Advertisement.  In this case, you should experiment with new Landing Pages to find one that will perform better.

    Your Landing Page can also be the Conversion Page.  If the objective of the Ad is to get the user to Make a Purchase or Ask for a Quote the instructions should be clear and easy!  It’s also very important to search engines especially Google, that the Landing Page match the Advertisement.  In fact, Google may refuse to post your ad if the Landing Page is drastically different than the Advertisement!

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    • Facebook Penalizing Low-Quality Website Links

      Latest TechnologyBeginning on May 10th and continuing for the remainder of May, Facebook is modifying its algorithm to penalize a ‘poor customer experience’.  They define a ‘Poor Customer Experience’ as websites or landing pages with little substantive content, large numbers of paid advertisements, and/or malicious ads.  In order to determine whether your website is considered to have this definition, they are using Artificial Intelligence to understand whether new web pages shared with links have these characteristics.  If they do, the post will show up lower in people’s news feeds and you may not even be able to place a Facebook ad at all!

      This initiative is stemming from the social media giant’s desire to provide a good user experience to its users.  As the largest and most widely used Social Media Company, their impact on advertising results of small businesses is huge.  Their message seems to be, if you are small, don’t act that way by posting spam like content and advertisements on your website or landing pages.   Small businesses would do well to heed the warning!

      Custom Websites to Go has been in business for 12yrs, helping address the digital marketing needs of small businesses!  We are happy to visit with you about any concerns you have with regard to marketing and advertising your business!

    • Social Media and a National Election

      USACan social media really influence action? You may have asked yourself that at one time or another. Using social media is really convenient for connecting with friends and colleagues, but does it really influence people’s actions? A recent flip-flop of two members of the Electoral College in Texas away from the Republican nominee explain that some of his tweets showed he was not really trying to unite the country! The question is, if other members of the Electoral College follow suit and he fails to get the number of votes necessary to win the election, then the presidential race could be forced into a runoff situation.
      Generally, I tell my clients to avoid talking about politics or religion on social media because these two are highly charged, emotional topics that can serve to alienate half of your audience. The candidate of the winning Republican Party has yet a higher charge than that! Anything he says must be carefully weighed to prevent offending others, a challenge Mr. Trump will need to master going forward in his presidency. Once in office, I am sure his public relations staff will instruct him in such matters and perhaps handle the majority of his tweets for him. It will be interesting to watch this issue unfold on the national stage!

    • Lexicon Writers Conference

      In July I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of writers during the Lexicon Writers Conference in Denton, TX.  There were about some 70 people in attendance including the presenters for the 1.5 day conference for writers.  The majority of the people were from the local DFW area, with a handful of others across Texas. My presentation was entitled ‘Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring!’ There were both morning and afternoon time slots and both sessions were completely full as seen in this picture, further evidence that social media is the HOT topic of the year!

      Most of the questions centered around strategy and frequency as well as return on investment of social media marketing. Although some of the answers are dependant on the business area and competition, the latest changes in search-engine algorithms are heavily dependant on your social connections in ranking your search-engine placement. As writers, this group is uniquely qualified to produce useful, quality content that interests their readers. I hope my training will encourage them to get started in social media and become successful!

    • Social Media Value?

      Yesterday I spoke with a business associate whom I have known for several years. I ask her if she had considered using social media marketing to engage her customers. She revealed that she had tried to do that, but it really didn’t work for her. She is just using postcards and in person appointments for business.

      Exploring her lack of enthusiasm further, I decided to investigate what posts she had made in social media and blog. First of all, I found that she does not have a blog at all and her website is in severe need of redesigning. Additionally, she has added a group with the name of her business, but not any business page with information about her brand value promise. Furthermore, there was no attempt to interact with the social communities and provide feedback or valuable information.

      Social media is an extremely powerful tool for today’s small business owner, however it requires effort and knowledge to properly implement a successful strategy for your target niche.  We can help you with the strategy and execution of a successful social marketing campaign that will boost sales, enhance your brand and serve your customers.  Give us a call today, and marketing the easy way, ONLINE!

    • Microblog Content Reveals Tweet Likes & Dislikes!

      I happened across an article this week written by cheap nba jerseys Paul Andre’ of Carnegie Mellon, Michale Bernstein of MIT and Kurt Luther of Georgia Tech about their research regarding human Parkscheibe behaviors and so called salade ‘microblog’ content. They examined the results of a website that targeted over 43,000 volunteers who rated the content of tweets. The findings demonstrated a large tolerance to content but showed a significant dislike of me-oriented and presence tweets as well as tweets that lack context and have too many @’s and #’s in the body of the tweet. In general, tweets with valuable or useful information were the most popular and boring tweets were the least popular. Depressing, arrogant você or mean a tweets were also disliked but not anywhere near the dislike for boring tweets. Likewise funny, useful and exciting tweets were popular but not nearly as much as those containing valuable information.

      This appears to be the first study of its kind regarding content preferences among microblog users. Although additional follow-up studies should be made to confirm it, the message seems clear. To get followers on Twitter, provide informative content that is not boring! Of note is the fact wholesale jerseys that cheap nfl jerseys although funny tweets were preferred over boring, neuen depressing tweets, they were only half as popular as informative tweets!