Website Tips

  • Facebook Penalizing Low-Quality Website Links

    Latest TechnologyBeginning on May 10th and continuing for the remainder of May, Facebook is modifying its algorithm to penalize a ‘poor customer experience’.  They define a ‘Poor Customer Experience’ as websites or landing pages with little substantive content, large numbers of paid advertisements, and/or malicious ads.  In order to determine whether your website is considered to have this definition, they are using Artificial Intelligence to understand whether new web pages shared with links have these characteristics.  If they do, the post will show up lower in people’s news feeds and you may not even be able to place a Facebook ad at all!

    This initiative is stemming from the social media giant’s desire to provide a good user experience to its users.  As the largest and most widely used Social Media Company, their impact on advertising results of small businesses is huge.  Their message seems to be, if you are small, don’t act that way by posting spam like content and advertisements on your website or landing pages.   Small businesses would do well to heed the warning!

    Custom Websites to Go has been in business for 12yrs, helping address the digital marketing needs of small businesses!  We are happy to visit with you about any concerns you have with regard to marketing and advertising your business!

  • Lexicon Writers Conference

    In July I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of writers during the Lexicon Writers Conference in Denton, TX.  There were about some 70 people in attendance including the presenters for the 1.5 day conference for writers.  The majority of the people were from the local DFW area, with a handful of others across Texas. My presentation was entitled ‘Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring!’ There were both morning and afternoon time slots and both sessions were completely full as seen in this picture, further evidence that social media is the HOT topic of the year!

    Most of the questions centered around strategy and frequency as well as return on investment of social media marketing. Although some of the answers are dependant on the business area and competition, the latest changes in search-engine algorithms are heavily dependant on your social connections in ranking your search-engine placement. As writers, this group is uniquely qualified to produce useful, quality content that interests their readers. I hope my training will encourage them to get started in social media and become successful!