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Search Optimization

SEO Process

SEO Process

The Search Optimization Process is a combination of Several Different Techniques that change rapidly over time as search engines adjust their algorithms.  Our approach is Organic Search that may be augmented by Paid Search to gain rankings more rapidly.  Ultimately, organic optimization will benefit our clients the most by increasing their Quality Score and Building their reputation!

Our Process begins with a Detailed Analysis of their Current Digital Footprint along with On Site optimization strategies.  From there, we outline a Six Month Concentrated Search Optimization Process to get our client to where they would like to rank!  It is the client’s decision how to proceed, but we recommend aiming for pages 1-2 for the Key Long-Tail Phrases that support the Majority of their Business Services.

The Attached Graphic illustrates some of the Processes involved in Search Optimization!  It is a highly customized service that is customized to each client given their Brand Strategy, Target Market and Unique Client Outcomes!  It is also a process that needs to be updated on a quarterly basis to maintain its position of Value!

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