• Measuring ROI of Social Media Campaigns

    ROI from Social CampaignsThere seems to be quite a bit of confusion regarding how to Measure a Social Media Marketing Campaign.  Your boss may even have asked you what the ROI was for the money spent.  Unlike Google Adwords which are targeted to potential customers when they are ready to buy a product like you have to offer, Social Media Campaigns cannot be evaluated directly by immediate sells or leads.  However, that does not mean that they fail to be a factor in gaining new clients and ultimately growing your business.

    In fact, social media has become a critical factor that Google uses to rank your website for Quality Score and User Experience which both affect your search results.  Starting back in 2012 with the Penguin Algorithm updates, inbound links took less of a role in search ranking and was replaced by social media footprint.  That really aligns with the intent of social media which is interacting with your audience by giving them useful information regarding their businesses.  This information serves to promote the reputation of your company at the same time.

    Better metrics for a Social Media Campaign might be Engagement, Number of Shares and Increased Followers of your Facebook Business Page.  In today’s fast-paced instant messaging life, a potential client’s time is the best gift of all.  So if you continuously provide content of value to a business owner and they begin to follow what you are saying, the conversation eventually pulls them into your leads funnel when they or someone they know have a need for one of the services you provide.  That is truly how social media can work for your business to eventually drive traffic to your websites and increase your bottom-line!

  • Google’s Quality Score

    Quality ScoreI had a client this week wanting assistance with a Google AdWords account.  They had implemented a variable ad with different titles and keywords pertinent to their campaign.  The ads were running continuously and charging for impressions.  Analysing the Quality Score for each Variable, showed that only one variation had a score over 7.  This means the ad was running continuously even during the night at a higher than normal price due to the lower quality scores.

    The solution we proposed was to develop separate landing pages for each keywords being targeted to more closely tie the Landing Page to the Ad.  Additionally, the advertised times were narrowed to specific daytime slots that had shown interaction with an increased daily bid.  The result was a vastly improved campaign performing as intended to get more tickets sold for the event.

    Remember, when running an Ad Words Campaign, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and forget about the important stuff that matters to Google!  Check your Quality Scores on all your Campaigns to maximize dollars and improve your results!

  • Free Preliminary SEO Analysis

    SEO Process

    If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a clue how well your website is performing when potential customers search for your services.  In fact, the whole concept of website optimization is somewhat of a mystery.  To find out for sure how your site is performing and what you need to do about it, sign up for our new SEO Analysis!

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  • SEO – Nine Tips for Optimizing Your Website

    There has been much talk about search-engine optimization or getting found on the search engines under your niche market.  Additionally, small businesses are being launched at a phenomenal rates,  each with their own web presence.  In order for the small business with its limited advertising budget to be competitive, a critical need for website optimization exists.

    Following are some Key Tips for making your website more visible to your customer on the world-wide-web.

    Tip #1 – Add keywords & description ‘meta’ tags to all of your pages.

    The keywords you use should be chosen with your primary target customer in mind.  They should be specific, not general.  For instance, instead of ‘website design’, you might use ‘custom website designs for small Business’ or ‘unique website designs for DFW’.   Each page of your website should have a unique set of keywords and description ‘meta’ tags.

    Tip #2 – Give each page of your website a different title.

    The title of the page should accurately reflect the wholesale jerseys content of that page.  You can join more than two keywords together in a title by using a bracket between them.  For instance, ‘Custom Website Design | Internet Marketing’, is an example of using two keywords SQL together in a title.

    Tip #3 – Write the content as if you are talking naturally to a real person.

    Think about it, people want to read articles on the internet as if a real person cheap jerseys is talking to them.  Make the context natural, not canned.  Thoroughly explain the ideas behind your topic on each page without making the reader skip around unnecessarily.  Don’t use buzz words or language specific to an advanced reader in the field unless your target customer will be knowledgeable in that field.

    Tip #4 – After writing the content, go back and try to insert your keywords into the document.

    When the articles have been written, find places where you can naturally insert your keywords n the text.  This will have the effect of putting the keywords there for the search-engine spiders to wholesale jerseys count without making your text unnatural to your readers.  Try to find a minimum of 3 places where you can naturally enter the keyword.  Then read the document again to make sure that it will still sound natural to your customers.

    Tip #5 – Look for free listings that you can have in a directory of companies that offer your services.

    There are numerous free directory services out in cyberspace.  Of course they would like for you to upgrade to their paid listings.  In fact they will remind you of this frequently.  However, you still add to your rankings by being listed in the free portion of their directory.  Many of the National directories like Yahoo, CitySearch and Google also have free local directories you can sign up for.  They will give you local placement in the search engines when a search is done on your keyword in that local area.

    Tip #6 – Add ‘Google Analytics’ to your website so that you can measure your results.

    Google provides a free service on their website called Google Analytics.  This service is completely free for anyone to use.  All you have to do is go to and sign-up.  Then you copy the html to put into every page of your website.  Now Google will keep track of the traffic coming to your website and present it to you in a nice format.  You can tell who is looking at your website, where they are from, how long they were on your site, etc.

    This will help you in changing up your website for greater appeal to your customers.

    Tip #7 – Write articles and publish them in article marketing directories.

    Article marketing is an efficient way to not only build your credibility as an expert, but also increases your search-engine ranking.  Inbound one-way links are crucial to increasing your SEO ranking.   At the end of wholesale jerseys your article, you can provide a link back to your website in the signature area.  This technique gives you double the benefits for success in online search-engine placement.

    Tip #8 – Publicize your website using social media networks.

    Social media networks not only give you exposure to large numbers of people, they can also increase the search-engine ranking of your website.  While you don’t want to blatantly advertise your website by using social networks, there are still ways to promote it by demonstrating your knowledge of your particular niche.  If in you have a special promotion, you can always link back to the page of your website with the promotion information.

    Tip # 9 – Launch PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns to advertise to your target market.

    While a permanent pay-per-click campaign can be devastating on your financial bottom line, a temporary campaign cheap jerseys can be very useful in generating some organic search-engine traffic your way.  In other words, it’s a great way to get the word out about your business and maybe get a few people to bookmark your website.  During the campaign, it is important to measure and adjust the ads on a weekly basis.  You will also want to try Frauen out different ads to get an idea of the needs of your target market.  This technique can also be useful in analyzing your conversions and editing the content of your pages.

    Search-engine optimization is an ongoing task that all businesses must be engaged in.  The need is more critical than ever for small businesses to be vigilant in evaluating and adjusting their internet advertising campaign on an ongoing basis.  For more information regarding your online marketing presence, consider enrolling in one of our search-engine classes or having a low-cost evaluation of your website.

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